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Essential Camping Guide For 2019

Camping with a Campervan is a great way to bond with friends, experience nature at its fullest and at the same time enjoy your holiday away from your daily routine. You may even choose to take a break from technology and leave your phone at home (or at least put it in the glovebox).

Whether you’ve been camping for years or you’re considering it for the first time there are a few do’s and don’ts we always recommend:


  1. Always make sure you are well prepared and bring all your essentials with you (see our list of extra touches to ensure you don’t double up). Make sure your list includes a backpack, water bottles, sleeping bags/quilts, torches, mosquito repellent, first aid kit, pack of cards, lighter and any foods or drinks you want.  Don’t forget any specific medicines that are needed, such as antihistamines for hayfever, bites or stings.

  2. Please take rubbish sacks with you so you can bag up all your litter and put it in the bins provided by the campsite.  Do not leave your campsite dirty.

  3. There are more possibilities beyond tinned foods while away so maybe consider packing a fold away or disposable bbq, giving you options of fresh meat, fish, jacket potatoes, smoked vegetables and more.  We provide a table and chairs for use outside, to add to the enjoyment of your outside living experience.

  4. Although our campers are built to the highest spec please remember you are not at home or in a hotel, you are on an adventure enjoying the whole camping experience. Relax, kick back and enjoy.

  5. Have you thought about music or board games to liven up the evenings?


  1. Ignore campsite rules, they are there for everyone’s safety and to ensure an enjoyable time away.

  2. Leave food, rubbish or fires unattended.  This could attract unwelcome animals and cause unnecessary accidents. Plus it’s unsightly.

  3. Don’t spray insect repellent near fires - they often contain alcohol and therefore may be flammable. This also goes for sun creams and other protective sprays. Always make sure you are a safe distance away.

  4. Do not leave your campsite dirty. Yes, we have repeated this, but we think it is important to respect the countryside, other people’s property and your fellow campers.