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Terms and Conditions

Beachwood Camper Hire

1. Vehicle Hire Charge

Vehicle hire charge is the cost including VAT and insurance for the main driver, any subsequent drivers will be charged at the rate of £25 (note driver eligibility in section 3)

Vehicle hire charge does not include the following:

  • Security deposit
  • Extras - various prices

2. Vehicle Hire Charge rates as at January 2019

  3-4 Days Full Week
January £90/£95 a day £580/£650
February £90/£95 a day £580/£650
March £90/£100 a day £615/£685
April £100/£110 a day £650/£750
May £100/£110 a day £650/£750
June £100/£110 a day £650/£750
July £100/£110 min 5 days £650/£750
August £100/£110 min 5 days £650/£750
September £100/£110 a day £650/£750
October £95/£100 a day £615/£685
November £90/£95 a day £580/£650
December £90/£95 a day £580/£650

Included in the vehicle hire charge rates:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Insurance for named drivers covering UK and Europe (for use in Europe needs to be discussed upon booking). Note driver restrictions and deposit and excess requirements. Further named drivers can be added at a cost of £25 per driver.
  • Kitchen equipment for preparation of meals. Note that food is not included in the hire charge.
  • Gas bottle for cooking

Note that these rates can be changed at any time (in advance of booking) at the owner's discretion.

3. Eligibility to drive a Beachwood Campervan 

Following booking, each of the drivers will be required to complete a 'driver acceptance form' and supply the appropriate supporting documentation

3.a UK licence holders

UK driver's licence holders need to provide the following to enable vehicle rental and insurance:

Completed driver acceptance form

Photocopy of both sides of the driver's licence photo card

Two utility bills issued within the previous 90 days confirming the name and address. Utility bills, council tax, bank or credit card statements are acceptable. Mobile phone or insurance documentaion cannot be accepted.

DVLA check code issued within the past 21 days to allow a DVLA license check.

Each driver's proof of address and original license is to be presented at the time of vehicle collection.  The owner reserves the right to cancel the Beachwood Campervan hire if, at the presentation of the documentation they are found to be invalid; not in accordance with the required conditions; or if insurance is declined for any reason.  Note that rental fees will not be refunded.

3.b Age restrictions

To meet the insurance criteria, drivers must be aged between 25 and 75.  Drivers aged between 76-79 will be considered on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the owner and insurance provider. Note there may be an additional insurance surcharge payable.

For insurance purposes, all drivers must have held a full driver's licence for at least 24 months prior to collection of the vehicle.  There can be no exceptions to this requirement.

4. Security Deposit

4.a A security deposit of £750 will be held by the owner.

4.b The £750 security deposit will be returned to the renter within 14 days after the return of the vehicle.  This allows any loss, damage, fines or penalties to be received and identified.  Breakage charges and any other costs will be charged at the owners discretion due to inconvenience and potential loss of revenue.

5. Insurance

The vehicle hire charge includes Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover underwritten by Allianz.  You are insured under the terms of the policy against any liability loss or damage that occurs during the period specified in your rental agreement.

Note that a £350 excess is applicable for all claims.  

5.a Renter and passenger's personal belongings

Neither the owner nor the insurance provider are responsible for any loss or damage to any of the renters' , or passengers personal possessions.

Any claims for loss or damage of personal possessions should be directed to the renter's travel insurance provider.

You are not covered for any liability for death, injury or damage when the vehicle is not on a public road.

You are not insured by deliberate loss.

Should the insurance policy become invalidated for any reason, you will be held responsible for all costs, third party costs and liabilities, and agree to indemnify the company from all liability.

5.b What to do if you have an acciddent.

You must STOP at the scene of an accident.  You must exchange details with the other party involved.

If you have an accident you must not admit responsibility.

You should:

  • Ensure you get the names, addresses, phone and email address of everyone involved, including witnesses and the attending police officers if applicable.
  • Take not of the exact location of the accident and if possible (and safe to do so) please take photos of all vehicles involved; and the surrounding enviroment, road signs and markings.
  • Notify the other parties of the insurance policy : Allianz Policy Number: 07/SM/24547882/04
  • Make the vehicle secure - if safe to do so.
  • Inform Beachwood Camper Hire Ltd as soon as possible so they can inform the insurance provider.
  • Ensure you get a copy of the accident report from the police.

6. Payments

6.a For booking made more than 14 days prior to travel

A 25% payment of the full rental charge is payable upon booking with the final outstanding balance to be paid 30 days before rental commences. Security deposit will be payable on collection of the vehicle

6.b For bookings made within 15 days of travel

To make a booking within 15 days of travel, payment in full is required

6.c Payment methods

Rental payments can be received via debit card, bank transfer or cheque(to be cleared before rental starts)

Bank transfers should be made to the following account:

Beachwood Camper Hire Limited


Account number: 56862776  Sort Code: 60-01-21

Reference should be booking name and date of planned collection e.g. SMITH160419 (16 April 2019)

If payment is made by cheque, note that the bookings will not be considered confirmed until all funds are cleared and traceable.

7. Extras

Beachwood Camper Hire offer the following items for rental.  The rental cost is a one-off payment for a rental duration up to 7 days.

2 or 4 bike rack, awning and gazebo

Booking of extras can be done at any time depending on availability.  Note that allocation of extras will be done on a 'first paid for' basis.

Extras are to be returned undamaged with the vehicle at the end of the hire period.  Any damage will be charged at the owner's discretion and deducted from the security deposit.  If the cost is greater than the amount held for the security deposit, funds will be charged to the renter's credit card.

8. Collection

Collection of the vehicles is between 3-5pm on the day of the first rental day.  Collection outside of these timesmay be possible, but will only be agreed on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed.

Collection is from Unit 3, Sycamore Farm, Old Romney, Kent TN29 9SL

Note that collection takes between 45-60minutes as a orientation and hand over needs to be completed prior to driving the vehicle away.

There is allocated parking available for you to leave your car with us during rental period but this is done so at owners own risk.

9. Return

Return of the vehicle is between 8-11am on the last day of the rental period.  Drop off is at the same address as collection.

The vehicle is only insured for the agreed rental period.  As such, after the agreed drop off time the renter will be driving without insurance which is an offense under The Road TRaffic Act which is fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points.

The owner and renter should do a joint 'return inspection' of the vehicle on drop off.  If faults and damage is discovered after the renter has departed, photos will be taken and emailed to the renter immediately.

No refund is given for early return of the vehicle.

Should late return of the vehicle result in delays to other rentals or other costs, the owner reserves the right to pass these costs onto the renter.

10. Travel to Europe

The hirer is permitted to take the campervan outside of the UK - via a ferry - but must inform the owner in advance; each of the countries that will be visited.

Failure to notify the owner that the campervan will be travelling outside of the UK will result in the renter being in breach of the rental agreement and result in cancellation of the agreement.

11. Cancellations

If notification is received in writing more than four weeks prior to collection date, than a refund af all rental monies - less £100 administration charge - will be issued.

If notification is received later than four weeks prior to the collection date; all monies paid for rental are non-refundable.  

12. Miscellaneous Charges

It is the responsibility ot the renter to ensure timely payments for parking, road tolls, bridge charges, congestion charges, traffic and other offenses and so on.  All penalties and court costs for missed payments will be taken out of the renters security deposit with a £5 admin fee per penalty.

12.b Fuel

When a campervan is returned without a full tank of fuel an estimate will be made by the owner of the amount of fuel that is short and this will be charged at the current rate

13. Your obligation

You must look after the vehicle and the keys to the vehicle, ensuring that it is locked and secure when you are away from it, and when appropriate - using all security devices available.

In bad weather, you must ensure that the vehicle is secured, all awnings and tents are retracted, locked or stored away.

You must ensure that only diesel fuel is put into the vehicle.

You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by hitting any low level objects such as bridges of barriers.

You must not sell, rent or dispose of this vehicle.  You must not give onyone legal rights over the vehicle.

You must not let anyone else work on the vehicle without the owner's written consent.

You must alert the owner immediately that you find a fault with the vehicle.

You must keep the vehicle clean or a surcharge may be incurred for cleaning required beyond our standard cleaning service.

You are responsible for any repair/replacement costs to the interior of the vehicle when damage has been caused by lack of care whilst rented by the renter; including - but not limited to- the heating and water systems, fridge, oven, mattresses, fixtures and fittings and all inventory.

You are resposnsible to ensure no person smokes in the vehicle, as it is illegal to smoke or allow smoking in a hire vehicle in the UK and you may be fined up to £1000.

You are resposible for all road charges and tolls, and all penalties incurred during the rental period and agree to idemnify the company from any liability.

You are responsible to ensure the vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel

You are responsible to ensure the vehicle is retunred to the return address in the same condition as it was received, with the exception of ordinary wear and tear, on the specified date.

Please note these responsibilities cannot be passed to anyone else'

14. Governing Law

English law will apply to the rental agreement contract.